Accounts and Minutes


Minutes Meeting 10th December 2021
Treasurer's Report 10th December 2021
Accounts 10th October to 10th December
Accounts Year to 10th December
Bookings' Report 10th December 2021
Maintenance Report 10th December 2021
Minutes Meeting 10th October 2021
Treasurer's Report 10th October 2021
Bookings' Report 10th October 2021
Maintenance Report 10th October 2021
Accounts from 2nd July to 10th October 2021
Accounts year to 10th October 2021
Minutes Meeting 2nd July 2021
Bookings' Report 2nd July 2021
Treasurer's Report 2nd July 2021
Accounts 2nd July 2021
Maintenance Report 2nd July 2021
Meeting Minutes 7th May 2021
Bookings' Report 7th May 2021
Treasurer's Report 7th May 2021
Accounts 7th May 2021
Meeting Minutes 12th March 2021
Treasurer's Report 12th March 2021
Accounts 12th March 2021
Bookings' Report 12th March 2021
Treasurer's Report 15th January 2021
Accounts 15th January 2021
Bookings' Report 15th January 2021
Car Park Report 15th January 2021
Meeting Minutes 15th January 2021
AGM 23rd April 2021-Minutes
AGM 23rd April 2021-Accounts


Constitution amended 4th Feb 2020
Minutes Meeting 17th January 2020
Minutes Meeting 6th March 2020
Minutes Meeting 1st May 2020
Minutes Meeting 3rd July 2020
Minutes Meeting 4th September 2020
Minutes Meeting 16th October 2020
Minutes AGM 29th October 2020
2019 Accounts presented at AGM 29Oct.
Minutes Meeting 27th November 2020
Bookings Report 27th November 2020
Treasurers Report 27th November 2020
Annual Accounts for 2020


Constitution approved on 8th August 2019
Minutes Meeting on 11th January 2019
Minutes Meeting 11th February 2019
Minutes Meeting 8th April 2019
Minutes AGM 3rd May 2019
Minutes Meeting 13th May 2019
Minutes Meeting 28th June 2019
Minutes Meeting 6th September 2019
Extra-Ordinary Meeting 18th October 2019
Treasurer's Report Meeting 1st November 2019
Minutes Meeting 1st November 2019
2019 Annual Accounts


2018 Annual Accounts, presented 3May2109
Minutes of AGM on Friday 3rd May 2019


2017 Annual Accounts, presented 4May2018
Minutes of AGM on 4th May 2018


2016 Annual Accounts, presented 12May2017
Minutes of AGM 12th May 2017


2015 Annual Accounts, presented 12May2016
Minutes of AGM on 12th May 2016