Additional Terms & Conditions during Covid-19.

Additional Terms & Conditions that apply during Covid-19

Revised 8th October 2020.

These conditions are supplemental to our usual Terms & Conditions

C1.     The hirer will be responsible for ensuring those attending your activity comply with the Covid-19 secure guidelines while entering and occupying the Hall, in particular using the hand sanitiser when entering the Hall and after using tissues.  

C2.     The hirer will comply with the actions identified in the Hall’s risk assessment, and the Hirer’s risk assessment. Copies supplied. Follow the posters displayed in the entrance.

C3.     The Hall will be cleaned once a week. You will be responsible for cleaning, both at the beginning and at the end of hire, all regularly used surfaces (switches, door handles, wash basin & toilet etc.) using the products supplied or your own domestic products.  Please take care cleaning electrical equipment. Use cloths – do not spray directly onto.   Extra hire time will be given free of charge to compensate for this cleaning duty.

C4.     The hirer will make sure everyone who attends your activity understands that they must not do so if they or anyone in their household has had Covid-19 symptoms in the last 10 days. And that if they develop symptoms in the next 10 days, they must use the NHS “Test, Tract and Trace” system to alert others and inform both yourself and the Hall.

C5.     The hirer will endeavour to keep the premises well ventilated throughout the hire by opening doors and windows as far as convenient. Please remember and close on leaving.

C6.     You will limit numbers so that 2m social distancing can be maintained during the activity.  In our Hall that will limit numbers to around 10-12 people.  Use a queue system to ensure everyone maintains 2m distancing while waiting to enter the premises “one at a time”.      Also ensure only “one at a time” to use the toilet.

C7.     Take particular care to ensure social distancing is maintained for persons aged over 70 and those more clinically vulnerable. For some people, passing another person in a confined space is less risky, but for older people that should be avoided.

C8.     Any furniture used needs to be arranged to facilitate social distancing. eg: seating side to side rather than face to face, gaps between people, good ventilation and use a large horseshoe shape for table arrangement.

C9.     You need to have an advance booking system and keep a record (for a period of 3 weeks) of the name, contact phone number and email of those who attend. Please ask everyone attending to also register their attendance by scanning the NHS QR poster.

C10.    Please dispose of all rubbish, created during the hire, in the bin located in the entrance.

C11.    Please encourage attendees to bring their own drinks. If the Hall’s crockery & cutlery is used, it is to be washed in warm soapy water, dried and returned to the cupboards. You will need to bring your own tea towel to reduce risk of cross contamination.

C12.    The Hall might close again, if there are safety concerns relating to Covid-19, or a deep clean is required due to someone attending then developing symptoms or that the Government requires all halls to close again. If this is necessary, you will be promptly  informed and any future hire charges refunded.

C13.    In the event of someone becoming unwell with suspected Covid-19 symptoms whilst in the Hall you should ask them to return to their car (or the designated safe area – kitchen). Provide tissues, bin and bowl of warm soapy water for hand washing. Then everyone needs to leave the premises using the hand sanitiser and observing social distancing. Advise all to wash their hands and clothes on returning home. Inform the Hall.

C14.    Large groups over 30 people and birthday parties are not yet permitted.

C15.    Please refrain from playing loud music to avoid people needing to raise their voices to each other.

C16.    Yoga & Pilates will be permitted from 25th July, please adhere to advice issued by your relevant governing body. Any equipment you provide is to be cleaned before use.

C17.    All people entering the Hall must wear a face covering at all times, unless exempted by physical activity or eating and drinking.

C18.    All the Hall’s tables and chairs are currently kept in the Annexe, please contact the Hall’s caretaker beforehand if any are required.


16th October 2020.