Hall Information

Dimensions of the Hall

Size. When empty the Hall size is 14.4m by 4.0m. Usable size with tables & chairs stacked at far end is 12.0m x 4.0m.

Capacity. Maximum standing capacity is 120 people. Maximum seated at tables is 60 people.

Bouncy Castles & Marquees 

The Hall can accommodate small bouncy castles. The meadow has a mown area in front of the hall with space for marquees and large bouncy castles.

Bouncy Castle:  JJ’s Bouncy castle hire, contact direct: https://www.jjsiow.co.uk

Marquee:  Two 9m x 4m marquees are available to hire (see Equipment Charges page for cost).

Gazebo:   Five 3m x 3m pop-up gazebos are available to hire (see Equipment Charges page for cost).


The Hall has a PRS & PPL licence to play music.


First Aid. First Aid box is located in the marked kitchen cupboard.

Fire Alarm. There is a fire alarm & smoke detector system located in the entrance lobby.

Emergency lights. The emergency lights will illuminate automatically in the event of a power failure.

Car Park. Limited parking is available in the Hall’s car park.

Kitchen. Fridge/Freezer, Cooker, Microwave, Automatic Commercial Dishwasher, Tea Urn, two Kettles, Ample Crockery, Cutlery & Glasses for 100-150 people.

Tablecloths to suit our Gopak tables.    White. 12 small & 6 large.    Coloured. 13 small & 8 large.


Chairs & Tables

Description Quantity length (mm) width (mm)
Chairs kept in Hall:-
Folding 9
Solid 8
Tables kept in Hall:-
Gopak with fold down legs 12 910 760
Gopak with fold down legs 6 1850 760
Chairs kept in Annexe:-
Solid 86
Trestle Tables kept in Annexe:-
Plywood (non planked) with integral legs 8 1850 640
Hardboard (rather flimsy) separate trestle support 12 2430 950
New Floorboard planked separate trestle support 6 2000 710
Heavy duty planked separate trestle support 4 1820 810
Heavy duty planked separate trestle support 4 2700 680
Heavy duty planked with integral legs 1 1370 690
Heavy duty tables (painted) with integral legs 5 2120 600