Terms and Conditions of Hire

All hirers are required to agree and adhere to the terms & conditions below. Submission of a completed booking form assumes agreement to these terms and conditions.

Confirmation.   Bookings only become valid once they have been confirmed by the Bookings Secretary and the deposit has been received by us. The minimum deposit is 50% of total hire charge. Payment of any balance is due 30 days before date of hire.

Hirer. Minimum age of hirer is 18 years.

Opening & Closing Times.  The Hall, its facilities and grounds are available to hire from 08.00 to 23.00. All bookings must end by 11.00pm.

All people,  both hirers and guests, must vacate premises, carpark and grounds by 11.00pm. Please ensure guests leave quietly.

Duration of Booking. Remember to allow set up and clean down time when deciding on the length of your booking.

Cancellation.  If you wish to cancel the booking before the event date, any repayment of the booking fee shall be at the discretion of the Hall Subcommittee. You may be required to change your booking if the Hall is required by the council for Election or public purposes. In this case an alternative or a full refund will be offered.

Key and Access to the Hall. Please contact the Bookings Secretary one to two weeks before hire date to obtain the code to the keysafe. This is located on the outside wall near the rubbish bins.

Usage. The Hall may only be used for the purpose set out on the booking form, you may not sub hire or use the Hall for any unlawful purpose.

Capacity. The hall is suitable for small parties, weddings and events.  The maximum number of guests is 60 (for parties) and 80 (for weddings).  It has a maximum seating capacity for 60 people (depending on table arrangements). Maximum standing capacity is 120 people.

Size. When empty the Hall size is 14.4m by 4.0m. Usable size with tables & chairs stacked at far end is 13.0m x 4.0m.

Smoking. Smoking, including the use of e-cigarettes, is prohibited in all areas of the premises and grounds.

Clubs. Clubs and Teaching groups are responsible for their own Public Liability Insurance.

Children. Children (under the age of 18) must be supervised by a responsible adult at all times.

Safeguarding. Any organisation that will be working in the Hall with children or adults with care & support needs will need to have relevant DBS checks and safeguarding procedures and policy in place.

First Aid.  A First Aid box is located in the marked kitchen cupboard.

Kitchen. There is no extra charge for its use, but it must be thoroughly cleaned after use.

Kitchen Ventilation. The kitchen can become steamed up, when cooking or making heavy usage of the dishwasher, so please open the kitchen windows to let the steam escape.

Food. When preparing, serving or selling food all relevant health and hygiene regulations must be adhered to.

Fire.    Fire precautions & regulations can be found on the notice board in the entrance.

Shoes.  Please no stiletto heels inside the Hall. They do damage the floor.

Alcohol. Alcohol and intoxicating liquor may be consumed. But there is not a Liquor Licence to sell alcohol. A TEN licence (temporary event notice, current cost £21) is required from the council if you are planning to charge your guests for alcoholic drinks consumed at your event.  A licence is not required to drink alcohol, only if your guests pay for it.

Tablecloths. Coloured and white tablecloths are available to hire. There is a small charge of £2 per item laundry & hire charge. There are clips available to secure tablecloths to the tables.

Inventory. There are plenty of tables, chairs, crockery, glasses and cutlery all available free of charge. You are welcome to make arrangements to view the Hall and check if there are sufficient for your needs.

Parties and Celebrations. Please consider the environment – DO NOT use confetti or balloons filled with shiny discs either in the Hall or the grounds. These products are plastic, do not biodegrade and are difficult to sweep up. Please use unfilled balloons and natural biodegradable confetti (e.g., flower petals).

Music. The Hall has a PRS & PPL licence to play music. Music played in the hall, grounds or marquees must be at moderate volumes.  If speakers are used in the grounds, they must face northwards, towards the main Yarmouth-Newport Road (i.e., away from the residential area). All Music after 8.00pm is restricted to inside the Hall only.  All music MUST be turned off by 10.30pm. Please be aware that we and the Isle of Wight Council do monitor noise levels and we do carry out spot checks. Music restricted to inside the Hall for parties and weddings may be played at higher volumes than in the grounds.

Noise.  When leaving at night, PLEASE LEAVE QUIETLY so as not to disturb the local residents.

Fire Hazards.  Open fires, BBQ’s, fire pits and fireworks are not permitted without prior authorisation from the Bookings Secretary.

When Dark. The emergency exit lights should be switched on. They illuminate both the interior and exterior of the building and the path.

Damages. The Hirer will be asked to pay for any breakages or damage to the Hall or its contents.

Cleaners. The Hall is managed by a group of volunteers to keep the costs of hire down. Cleaners are not employed to clean the Hall after each hirer, so please leave the Hall clean and tidy when you leave. Please advise us (on 07541 856 934) if you don’t find the Hall clean and tidy on your entry.

Cleanliness. A cleaning charge of £100 will be levied if the hall is not left clean at the end of your booking.

Rubbish. There are waste bins. Please separate your rubbish into the various categories. The Food bin is in the kitchen. The Recycling (green) and Non-recycling (black) bins are in the car park adjacent to the Hall. Please take home any quantities of waste that will not fit in the bins.

Overnight Camping.  No overnight camping either by tent or van is allowed in the Hall, on the field, or in the car park.

Car Park. Free parking for up to 30 cars is available in the Hall’s car park. Vehicles are parked at the owner’s risk. Please DO NOT park on the grass strip in front of the Hall OR on the field.

VEHICLES.  NO Vehicles are allowed on the field at any time. The field is always waterlogged during the winter months and can be very soft even in the summer months.  Cars, Vehicles & Vans can and will rut the field when soft. Please DO NOT drive on the field or on the path to the Annexe. Please seek guidance should vehicular access be required.

Electrical Appliances. All appliances brought into the Hall should be used in a safe manner and be in good working order.

Walls. Do not use sellotape anywhere in the Hall. BlueTac (or similar) may be used on walls and doors if care is taken when being removed.

Dogs.  Dogs (except assistance dogs) are not allowed into the hall when food is being served.

At other times, permission from the Bookings Secretary is required for dogs to be inside the Hall.  Owners need to take responsibility for their dogs at all times. Cleaning is critical, and owners are requested to sweep and clean the floor at the end of the hire, ensuring it is spotlessly clean for other users (eg.Pilates and Yoga classes).

The Field.    The field is unusable in the winter months as it becomes waterlogged. Wedding and Party hirers may normally use the field for marquees, gazebos and bouncy castles etc from July onwards. The small strip of permanently mown grass (approx 20m x 4m) in front of the Hall may be used all year round for marquees & bouncy castles.

Chairs & Tables. Please stack chairs tidily at far end of Hall. Do not lean chairs against the walls as this marks the walls. Additional tables and chairs are kept in the adjacent Annexe. Please use the trolley provided. Please return all tables and chairs to their original locations.

Check List. Reminder check list can be found on the back of the entrance door. When leaving turn down heating thermostat to 5.


Latest revision dated 20th February 2024.