Terms and Conditions of Hire

All hirers are required to agree and adhere to the terms & conditions below. Submission of a completed booking form assumes agreement to these terms and conditions.

Confirmation. Bookings only become valid once they have been confirmed by the Bookings Secretary and deposit has been received by us. The minimum deposit is 50% (or total hire charge). Payment of any balance is due before date of hire.

Hirer. Minimum age of hirer is 18.

Duration of Booking. Remember to allow set up and clean down time when deciding on the length of your booking.

Usage. The Hall may only be used for the purpose set out on the booking form, you may not sub hire or use the Hall for any unlawful purpose.

Clubs. Clubs and Teaching groups are responsible for their own Public Liability Insurance.

Smoking. Smoking is prohibited in all areas of the premises and grounds.

Alcohol. Alcohol and intoxicating liquor are NOT to be sold on the premises.

Cancellation. If you wish to cancel the booking before the event date, any repayment of the booking fee shall be at the discretion of the Hall Committee. You may be required to change your booking if the Hall is required by the council for Election or public purposes. In this case an alternative or a full refund will be offered.

Damages. The Hirer will be asked to pay for any breakages or damage to the Hall or its contents.

DO NOT wear stiletto heels in the building as they WILL damage the floor.

Cleaners. The Hall is managed and cleaned by a group of volunteers to keep the costs of hire down.

Cleanliness. When you enter the Hall, it will be clean & tidy (if not please inform Michele immediately). Please take your rubbish home and leave the Hall clean and tidy. If the Hall, kitchen or toilet is left in an unsatisfactory condition, we will ask you to pay for the Hall to be professionally cleaned.

Music. The Hall has a PRS & PPL licence to play music. Please turn the music down at 10.00pm and off at 11.00pm. When leaving at night, PLEASE LEAVE QUIETLY so as not to disturb the local residents.

Kitchen. Please indicate on the booking form if you wish to use the kitchen facilities. There is no extra charge for its use but it must be thoroughly cleaned after use.

Food. When preparing, serving or selling food all relevant health and hygiene regulations must be adhered to.

Children. Children must be supervised by a responsible adult at all times.

First Aid. First Aid box is located in the marked kitchen cupboard.

Fire. Fire precautions & regulations can be found on the notice board in the entrance. When dark it is advised to switch on the emergency exit lights.

Check List. Reminder check list can be found on the back of the entrance door.

Car Park. Limited parking is available in the Hall’s car park. Vehicles are parked at the owner’s risk. Please DO NOT park on the grass strip in front of the Hall OR on the field. Please do not drive on the field, on the path or to the Annexe.

Electrical Appliances. All appliances brought into the Hall should be used in a safe manner and be in good working order.

Chairs & Tables. Please stack chairs tidily at far end of Hall, do not rest the folding chairs against the wall. Please stack the tables in their respective storage trolleys.

Sellotape/Blue Tack. Do not use sellotape or blue tack on walls or doors.

Safeguarding. Any organisation that will be working with children in the hall will need to have DBS checks and a safeguarding procedures and policy in place to ensure children and young people are protected from harm or abuse. It will need to ensure its staff and volunteers know what to do if they are worried and to ensure the group is responsible for their work.

Dogs.  Dogs are not allowed into the hall. Except Guide & Ability dogs.

When Leaving.

Please ensure Hall is clean & tidy.
Take all rubbish home.
Switch off lights.
Turn down heating thermostat to 5.
Put chairs & tables away at far end of Hall.
Refer to check list on back of entrance door.