Hoop Drum Birthing Day


We are pleased to offer you the opportunity to create your very own, unique, Hoop Drum. This may help you to heal yourself and others as well aid you to travel on some wonder filled journeys along your own personal life path .

To birth your own hoop drum is both a beautiful and spiritual process, as you will be placing your love, energy and intent into your own personal, special and powerful hoop drum.

The drum created by you will be birthed in the traditional way with the drum head and laces being cut from the same hide, by yourself.

You will each have a full hide for birthing your drum, leaving plenty of hide left over to make a rattle at a later date if you so wish, thus keeping the energies of the drum and rattle in harmony with each other.

We will guide you through the full art of drum making, from cutting both the head and lacing from the hide, followed by the art of lacing and tightening of your drum.

When you have committed to the day we will arrange, if time allows, to let you have your hoop before the day itself so that you can place your own energy into the hoop as well as decorate it if you wish.

The whole day will be held with ceremony in a wonderful space created by us all, with smudging and opening the sacred circle by us all.

After opening the space, we will pass your hides to you, after which you may lie down with your hide and your hoop for a drum journey thus starting your personal connection to your hoop and hide.

When you have birthed your drum we will then lead you on a journey to connect with the spirit of your drum.

The Drum Birthing days will be for small groups, from two to a maximum of four people only. The smaller group offers a more intimate time, with each participant able to gain a greater benefit from our knowledge, help and guidance if needed or wanted.

The cost per person for the Drum Birthing Workshop is £190.
This includes a 16″ Maple Hoop from the USA and a traditional, hand worked deer hide, and a plain felted wool drum beater crafted by Max.

The hoops, I find, are more sonically stable after experimenting with them and sourcing them from the USA.
The deer rawhide comes from the cull skins of a authentically organic herd, worked in the traditional way.
Max will also be creating her beaters for you in your preferred colours.

A non refundable £50 deposit will secure your place.

We are aware that times are financially challenging for some at present. With this in mind we have decided to extend the offer of a Payment Plan to those wishing to Birth a Drum with us or having one birthed by us. By making a few smaller payments in advance of the actual Birthing Day and a final payment on the day, we hope to enable more folks to begin their Wonder Filled Journey with their Own Hoop Drum.
Please email or pm Steve for details of the payment plan .


The Shalfleet Village Hall

Workshop Timing:

We aim to start the workshops at 10.00 am.
Please arrive from 9-30 am giving yourselves time to relax and familiarise yourselves within the space before we start the day by introducing ourselves.

There is not a set end-time to the day, as we do not like to rush people in making of their drums. However the aim is to finish between 4 pm and 5 pm. That time is just a guide only. It may perhaps be wise to leave the evening free so there is no pressure on yourself while working on your drum.

What to bring on the day:
Your hoop if you have taken it to decorate and fill with your energy!
An old large towel to work on with your drum.
A blanket and pillow to lie on for the two Shamanic Journeys.
A light packed lunch and water.

Depending on the weather, your drum may take two or three days to dry and let you hear its voice.

Start with a few gentle taps, he/she will give voice, your wonder filled journey with your drum begins!

If you are unable to attend the workshop but still want to make your very own drum, we are happy to create a one on one drum making session for you. Please email or message us to inquire about potential dates.